Displaying an object that is happier not to be on show

We develop and manufacture display cases with advanced climate solutions and lighting systems for museums, churches, shops, exhibitions and other environments that make stringent demands in terms of safety, climate control, display and design.

A display case from Milox meets security levels 3, 4 and 5 set by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. These are criteria set by the State for the Swedish government’s exhibition guarantees. We have also developed our own standard for display cases. This means that a wide range of accessories and spare parts are available for our display cases. In addition to our standard models, we make display cases in a variety of dimensions and proportions, from very small to extremely large.

Milox also has a range of simpler display cases for lower security needs but with climate control and lighting.

Display case services and guarantees

Milox offers services in the form of advice, technical maintenance and add-ons as well as service contracts for long-term reassurance. Our systems come with a two-year guarantee.

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