Conserve objects with advanced climate control solutions

Milox has systems for internal, passive and external, active climate control. We also have all the climate control substances, reconditioning solutions, loggers and other accessories needed to create the right climate inside our cases. We work with the foremost experts in the field to constantly hone our ability to create the right environment for sensitive items.

Passive climate

It is important that a display case offers ultra-high precision and is perfectly sealed in order to maintain the desired relative humidity (RH) with as little input and maintenance as possible. Milox display cases are sealed so as to meet the highest international requirements for airtight display cases. The cases also have a system for maintaining stable atmospheric pressure and for cleaning air. A Milox case is designed for smooth and simple climate control. Our display cases come with IP-rated conduits for the climate control, alarms, etc. All inputs and accessories are either emission-free or emit low emissions.

Active climate

Milox has worked with a Swedish supplier to develop a system for externally regulating the humidity of display cases and larger spaces. This easy to run, reliable system enables the right climate to be set in one or more display cases and also larger spaces without access to the plumbing system.

Oxygen-free environment

Milox’s nitrogen gas system can maintain one or more cases and is a display case system for an oxygen-free environment in which the oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, with humidity regulated at the desired level (RH). These systems can also be fitted with a monitoring system for controlling oxygen content. The system is developed to be easy to run and economical to operate.

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