Display objects

Milox works with several of the best lighting suppliers and lighting experts. We exclusively use the highest quality light sources for our cases. This means we can guarantee a long lifetime with the same amount of light and the best colour reproduction.

Fibre optics

Milox internal fibre optic lighting systems are developed for our display cases and do not affect the internal climate within the case. The lighting system comes complete with projectors, dimmers, lenses and fittings. They are ready to be plugged into an ordinary wall socket. The fittings can be moved seamlessly on Milox lighting rails, can be angled at 180 degrees and are dimmable to the desired LUX rating.


LED lighting sits in a small aluminium housing and has a discreet and very flexible fitting that can be directed, focused and locked in every direction. The fittings can easily be moved in all the corners of the case. It is easy to change the focus of the lighting. There are several LED solutions for our cases with strips, spotlights, downlights, etc.

The glass

The quality of the glass used in the case is vital for achieving the perfect display. Milox always uses optically white laminate glass without colour distortions. Even in display cases with the highest security glass, there are no noticeable optical faults. In some cases, UV protection or reflection-free glass are also desirable. All the glass we use is classified and certified for its various safety levels.

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