Display cases to protect precious items

When we construct our display cases, we take into account a number of stringent requirements from conservators, exhibition managers, security specialists, lock specialists, climate experts, architects, lighting experts, ergonomists, technicians and many other specialists. Besides various mechanical locks with keys, we have also developed electronic lock solutions with a time delay and the opportunity to bolt and lock the doors by remote control or using a code and/or tag.

Safe storage

We are also constantly developing our cases and always apply the latest research findings on theft prevention and conservation. Therefore, our most robust display cases more than meet the stringent security and sealing requirements set by the authorities.

Flexible display cases

The modular design makes our display cases flexible and easy to adapt to a number of specific requirements and circumstances. The display cases can be fitted with different types of glass, locks, shelves, lighting and alarms. They can also be climate controlled to protect wood, textiles, leather, bone, parchment and metal, for example. Making a display case airtight with stable atmospheric pressure enables historically valuable objects to be safely displayed to the public. For particularly sensitive objects, we also offer cases with an oxygen-free environment and an atmosphere of nitrogen gas. The modular principle also means that it is easy to assemble a case on site, if, for example, it is too big to get through an existing doorway.

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