Accessories and equipment


  • Different security levels for glass, locks, and frames to meet security levels 3, 4, and 5.
  • A range of alarm protection – also for freestanding items
  • A range of lock solutions
  • Extra reinforcement and protection for locks
  • Fittings to attach cases to the floor or wall
  • Protective cover in durable fabric for storing display cases
  • Protection for art on walls


  • Components to increase footprint and weight distribution on floors
  • UV protection in glass
  • Vibration protection – protection from building vibrations
  • Passive climate control for display cases
  • Climate system for active climate control of one or more display cases and exhibition spaces
  • Data loggers and simpler loggers for climate control and reconditioning of climate control substances
  • Nitrogen gas system for an oxygen-free and humid environment
  • Storage cases in custom sizes


  • Flexible internal lighting system with fibre optics, developed for the sealed design of the cases. Does not affect the climate. Different numbers of lighting points, adjustable amount of lighting with dimmers for the right lux level
  • Different types of LED lighting, produce good light and give off very little heat/energy. Suitable for lighting signs in cases and entire exhibition environments
  • Label holders to attach externally and internally
  • Illuminated labels with LEDs for dim environments
  • Touchscreen or apps for descriptions of exhibited objects in text and pictures
  • Magnifying screens for detailed study
  • Shelf fittings for seamless shelving
  • Fittings for hanging objects and for back panels
  • Wire and fittings for suspended shelving, label holders, etc.
  • Shelves, walls, back panels, podiums, cloth and textiles
  • Nitrogen gas system for an oxygen-free and humidity controlled environment
  • Storage cases in custom sizes
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