Milox Exclusive provides special protection for exclusive artefacts in private or public settings. Our experience from the protection we offer for objects and treasures in museums means we can provide high security combined with the best means of displaying your items.

We have no standard models here. Our customers work with us or with the help of an architect/designer to decide what their protective display case is going to look like and the functions to build in.

Milox protective display cases are intended for home environments, companies and similar environments and offer additional security, in addition to an alarm, enabling the display of beautiful and valuable items in an aesthetically pleasing and secure way.

Milox Exclusive:

  • Dimensions made to order
  • Freestanding or built in
  • Huge choice of designs
  • Climate control can be built in
  • Coat in a range of colours or an alternative finish, including wood veneer, brass, silver, gold and leather
  • Advanced lock solutions with extremely high, adjustable security
  • Alarm solutions that can be programmed and controlled remotely
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