Oxygen-free environment with nitrogen, nitrogen display case

Milox S (specialised display cases) includes our ultra-sealed display cases with a nitrogen environment. In these display cases, we ensure that the oxygen content can be as low as less than 0.2%. Specialised cases with a nitrogen system are designed for particularly sensitive items.

Glass hoods

Milox has systems for specialised display cases with lockable glass hoods, high security, climate control and lighting.

Different sizes

Another example of specialised display cases is cases that are as big as rooms. The display cases for the world-famous Chinese Terracotta Army and the Inca Gold are cases in point, where the display cases were six metres long and three metres high. But a display case can also be very small – for example, a case measuring just 200 x 200 x 200 mm to display a gold ring from the tenth century.

Special visual solutions

Sometimes we cover our display case in wood so it looks like a cupboard, a piece of furniture.
Or we design a case to fit in a niche, a hole in the wall or simply adapt them to suit the style or design in the location in question.

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