Milox Shopsafe is a special system for retail and is often customised to suit the architect’s interior design. This requires high precision in terms of measurements, finish and design, specially adapted functions and sometimes unique glass solutions.

Tailored lighting

To create lighting in a retail display case, we often use LED lighting where warm or cold light or a mixture of the two can be selected to ensure that the items on display have the desired lustre. There is also the option of individual dimming from dim to very bright lighting. The LED lighting is very flexible and can be moved, directed, dimmed and focused. LED lighting can also be moved within or between cases.

Secure retail display cases

Shopsafe display case:

  • High security
  • Best possible visibility
  • Flexible and reliable lighting
  • Easy for staff to open and close many times a day
  • Lighting strips, downlights, etc.
  • Secure lock solutions, often with time-delayed electronic locks, codes, tags, and numerous other functions.
  • Guarantees, service and support
  • Developed in partnership with insurance companies and retailers
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